She needs a home not a hotel room.

We want to raise $30,000 to support Rejuvenating Women during Omaha Gives!

Every month 900 people are sold for sex here in Nebraska. Those who manage to escape human trafficking still face a long road to healthy and happy lives. Through your Omaha Gives! donations, Rejuvenating Women can provide hope and restoration to more women and girls who are victims of human trafficking.

What We Do:

Rejuvenating Women provides freedom, safety, healing, and hope to women and girls who have been enslaved in human trafficking. We do this through:


Our Restored Wings Home is the only one of its kind in Nebraska. After months or years filled with sleepless nights and living in fear and uncertainty, survivors can find comfort, care, safety, and support in our home and live there rent-free for up to two years.

Individual Counseling

Our licensed, experienced counselors are trained to help women and girls who have suffered severe trauma. We offer comprehensive, individualized mental health and addiction counseling at no charge and help survivors overcome the deep feelings of shame associated with human trafficking.

Support Groups

 Through confidential weekly meetings, women and girls are able to tell their stories and support one another on their paths towards restoration. In addition to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, we address topics such as bullying, physical and mental abuse, addiction, molestation, self-esteem, and grief.

Life Skills Training

 Our goal is to empower women and girls to re-enter society and lead healthy, happy lives. We provide vocational training as well as classes on skills, skills, and more skills.

How You Can Help:

1. Make a Plan to Donate
Please consider supporting Rejuvenating Women during Omaha Gives! so we can help even more women and girls. Due to a generous matching donation of up to $1,000 from one of our friends, we could increase the total amount raised to $31,000!

Your gift of $10 — or more — will make a difference. Consider a monthly gift of $10 and make an even bigger impact. Click here to schedule your donation right now or mark your calendar to donate during Omaha Gives! on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

2. Spread the Word
Let others know you are planning to donate by sharing this page so they can learn more about Rejuvenating Women and the important services our organization provides.

Help more survivors of human trafficking find hope, healing, and a safe place to rest in a loving home. Thank you for your support!