Listening to the needs of Nebraskans.

Mike Forsythe for Public Service Commission

Mike Forsythe is a thoughtful, hardworking Nebraskan who wants to make a difference by giving back to the community that has given so much to him. Mike understands the needs, concerns, and hopes of people across his community.

Mike will bring his years of experience to the Nebraska Public Service Commission (NPSC). He will be the voice of everyday Nebraskans who rely on the services the NPSC provides and ensure their tax dollars are being used effectively.

As a member of the NPSC, Mike will:

-Continue to listen carefully to the needs of Nebraskans and take their feedback to the NPSC, adding missing perspectives to important decisions

-Help the NPSC improve its delivery of high quality, safe, reliable services

-Be a good steward of Nebraskans’ tax dollars and keep services affordable, especially for those in low income and rural communities

-Work to ensure a reliable 911 system and help improve it utilizing current technology and proven practices

About Mike:

Mike Forsythe has worked for Omaha Box Company for the past 37 years where he currently leads a team as a production supervisor. He is married to his junior high school sweetheart, Margo. They raised three children together, eating dinner as a family nearly every night. Mike coached his children in youth sports, cheering them on from the sidelines. He led in his church as a deacon and volunteered his time to help refugee families transition to new lives in the U.S. Here in the community he loves, Mike has been living the American dream and helping others work towards it. Now he is ready to serve even more Nebraskans as a member of the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

Mike grew up in a diverse neighborhood in North Omaha. His father, then an office manager at Kraft Foods, instilled a strong work ethic in Mike and led by example. It was from his father that Mike also first learned about giving back to the community.

When Mike was eight years old, his father ran for the Omaha City Council. Throughout the campaign, Mike watched his father talk with people and hear their concerns and hopes for the future. While his father did not win that election, Mike was very proud of him. And his eyes were opened to the possibility of one day running for office himself – and one day making a difference in his community.

A more recent personal experience has also fueled Mike’s decision to run for the Nebraska Public Service Commission. Mike’s mother-in-law had a series of strokes while living with his family for a period of time. Mike and his wife had to call 911 several times. The response time was fast and Mike’s family was grateful for the efforts made by the 911 dispatchers and the fire and rescue teams who responded. However, after talking with others who had not had the same experience he did, Mike wants to ensure that all Nebraskans have confidence in their 911 system. He wants to work to make all services safer and more reliable.

Mike prides himself on his listening skills and his ability to understand and communicate with people. Throughout his campaign, and especially if elected, Mike plans to gather with constituents across the community over coffee and in town hall meetings to hear their needs, concerns, and hopes for their community.

If elected, Mike would retire from his position with Omaha Box Company and dedicate himself full time to the position of Nebraska Public Service Commissioner, serving as an employee of the taxpayers of Nebraska.

Mike and Margo live in Omaha. They have three grown children, Alee, Jimmie, and Dani.

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Mike Forsythe For Public Service Commission 

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